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eyeMost of the stuff that didn't fit in the upper link frame is listed here. Enjoy!

Banners - in case you want to link this site with one of those thingies... not really a wide selection, but it may grow (some day).

Cards - as you might have guessed, it's a page with digital greeting cards

Links - ...well, links.

Music - for a brief while, I shared my love for 20ies and 30ies jazz with the world. Unfortunately it's a bit risky (at least here in Europe) to share mp3-files with others, that's why I found a new way to at least let people listen to the music: YouTube. So, I've rearranged the whole page and provided links to official video clips, thus not violating any stupid law. Otherwise, there are Real Player excerpts to listen to.

Other comics - I have drawn considerably more than is presented here. The only problem is that hardly any of it got translated into English. That's why this mini-page is shamefully hidden unter "Miscellaneous", it's simply too insignificant and too small to give it a more dominant presentation.

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