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This is the website of Nina Ruzicka, a viennese cartoonist & illustrator (among other professions). Apart from displaying the artist's work and life, it is mainly the home for the online comic Death and the Maiden.

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Jan 10, 2008


Finally, it's done. It took a little longer than I expected, hence the lack of updates again, but from now on, everything should work out fine and regularly.

Death and Maiden has been transferred into a weblog!

Both parts of it are getting a relaunch. Part 1 gets completely re-published (which is why it won't be fully accessible until the end of 2009), Part 2 has no changes other than hopefully regular updates. It all depends on how fast I'm drawing the German version, so if ever I fall sick or don't find the time, there might be another delay, but let's all hope and pray that it won't happen.

And now, check it out yourself: Death and the Maiden - the weblogs!

Of course, for Cartoon Tomb this means more or less the end. Since there haven't been much updates regarding the rest of the site, it won't be a big loss. And I don't say that I'm never going to post anything non-D&M-related again. It might happen. Until then - see you in the blogs!


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