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Personal data:

I dislike specifications such as hair or eye colour, gender, weight and the like, since they can change daily (yes, even the gender! at times I rather feel like a canadian lumberjack, so what! I do have two x-chromosomes, which is in fact okay, but once a month I hate them).

Born on July 29th 1972 in Vienna and still living there.

Interests: numerous and with changing preferences

  • renaissance, pref. secular music; opera in general, pref. concert performances; Bach; Mozart (I'll never grow tired of Figaro); Schubert; Erik Satie (I admit it, more for his eccentricity than his music); Schostakovitsch; Schnittke;
  • traditional jazz (1920s to 1940s), yet I'm no expert; German ballroom and popular music from the same period;
  • after 1950s only punctuous, varies from time to time, for ex. 1970s rock music (Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Jethro Tull), David Bowie, Klaus Nomi, Danny Elfman (and the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo), The Tiger Lillies, Bobby Goldsboro, Marilyn Manson (only his CD's, I've seen his life performance and couldn't care less about it);

Actually, the only music I REALLY don't like is anything Techno, Rave and that kind of noise. Because you can't just listen to it (and who in his right mind would!), you have to move/dance to it. And this is none of my interests.

About my work:

Drawing was present to me from the beginning though not an outstanding talent. It might have turned out as one but never was supported (not even by myself, so I'm not accusing anybody in that matter).

After I graduated from highschool I wanted to study arts but after a few despicable attempts to compile my portfolio I resigned.
I wanted to persue some creative activity though, so I tried several different courses of studies like dramatics or fashion design which all turned out as failures - exept for bringing me the insight that cartooning was the one thing that really worked well for me. I also understood why painting wouldn't have done so - because I want to tell stories, not only capture one single moment in a frame.

To the day, I do not understand myself as an artist in the usual sense of the word but as a story-teller. If I had the talent of expressing myself literarily or musically, I suppose I would resign drawing, since writing is much faster and music touches the soul in a more direct way. Real satisfaction, however, only comes while I'm drawing, so I suppose I'll stick with it. I am not in the least unhappy with it - I simply wanted to stress the small difference between myself and the common artist.

It is not too easy to make a living of one's art yet, which is the reason behind the numerous vocational trainings I attended even after my glorious self-knowledge. That, and my never ending curiosity.

Conscious or subconscious influences of my work:

  • silent movies from the 1920s (Lon Chaney!!!!!!)
  • US-Cartoons from the 1930s and 1940s (Warner Bros, Fleischer etc.)
  • very few Comics and if, mostly american anti- or half-heroes like Spider-Man
  • horror movies; once more Lon Chaney; Vincent Price; Tim Burton
  • German talkies (movies from the 1930ies), esp. by and with Willi Forst
  • american sitcoms (probably heaviest influence concerning the way and development of plots)
  • cartoon-shows on TV from the 1980s and 1990s (most of all Beetlejuice)

I don't really like to sign my work, therefore often forget it. From 1990 to 1999 I've had different initials every year, some pictures are signed with my alternative name "Winston C.", most have no signature at all.
The name "Rinzicka" is copyrighted by French/German tv-station arte. They supplied me their monthly TV guide to that name for about one year.

The pictures' contents are tendentiously depressing, disturbing (at least I hope so!), still, there is no danger as soon as blood is spilled. True horror lies within commonness. And nostalgia.

Curriculum vitae:




university of Vienna (dramatics, art history), unfinished
chant, piano and trombone lessons in the municipal music school Vienna


college for fashion development and techniques, unfinished
waitress in a western country beer pub


student at vocational school to become an office worker
secretary in a lawyer's office


university of Vienna (Russian, Czech), uncompleted due to a slipped disc (I was unable to move, therefore couldn't attend the courses)


again working as a secretary in a lawyer's office (a different one)




floor layer (semi-skilled worker)

1999- 2002

student of the secondary college for chemical engineering in Vienna


working as a chemical-technical assistant (organic-chemical analysis in the Forensic Institute in Vienna)

2003-2004 again C.T.A. (this time genetic engineering and molecular biology, namely I'm performing microinjection and growing cell cultures, also I did a bit of tutoring for a student's practical course at the beginning of 2004)

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