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Do you have anything in common with your cartoon characters?

Optically? See photos in biography.
Personally: of course every artist lives in his creations, more or less. I believe that my influences show through much more than myself.


Is your work available other than via internet (eg. comic albums)?

My comic Death and the Maiden is about to get into print (the German version. Since I'm basically self-publishing (along with a friend who is the actual publisher), this requires a lot of work and if everything goes well I will remain busy for the next few months, perhaps years.


Are you working every free minute on a new cartoon/picture?

No. At least I'm not bent over a sheet of paper, scribbling all the time. Most of the work is actually just taking place in my mind - thinking about new plots, new episodes and so on.

I've seen your works on Beetlejuice / Spider-Man, and I like them! Where's more fanart?

I hardly find the time to do fanart at all. Beetlejuice was done more than 10 years ago and I don't do it anymore. As for the little Spider-Man piccy, that was done out of a whim. Nothing more to be expected for the next future, I'm sorry.


Do you sell or give away your originals?

I sell them, yes. The problem here is: my webshop is only in German language. But if you really want something, you may just as well e-Mail me.


Are you morbid/pervert/depressive for drawing such awful pictures?

Morbidity and depression lie far behind. Pervert? Hm. Naahh.

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