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This is a place for whatever ideas my readers come up with. Be it art, stories, poems, photos - anything that is made in regard to Death & the maiden will gladly be presented here.

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Going to pieces
by Henning
Death on a wall
Swooning Death
both by Weiße Wölfin
Desktop image 1
Desktop image 2
Desktop image 3
all three by vlad07
by Christoph
both by Weiße Wölfin
At the grave ...
by currus parvus
Action figure
by currus parvus
"Logical Continuation"
by Nighteengail

Animexx Winner 2

by Umidori
Animexx Winner 1
by Arilena
"Nightly Nightmare"
by Nighteengail
by Lady
by Wölfchen Akari
1945 "1945"

by epzilon feenyx

Freund Hein(o) "Freund Hein(o)"
by epzilon feenyx
Wintergames "Wintergames"
by Lady Golden Gryphon
Smertik "Smertik"
by Lady Golden Gryphon
Meinungsverschiedenheiten "Dissension"
by Tascun
Her Last Journey "Her Last Journey"
by Roman
Schlachtgemetzel "Battle massacre "
by Christoph
Halloween-Gruß "Halloween-Greeting"
by Bianca

Danse macabre

by Lord Fishcake
Photos & Clips
A taiwanese poster
by Marc
Elna Borch's "Death and the Maiden"
by Fj. Schröder
A Halloween costume
by Andreas René
Golden and winged skeleton with hourglass
by Julia
Creature in a Cowl
by Josef
Golden Reaper
by Anni
another TV commercial
by me
Little Death-Figurine from a Kinder chocolate egg
by me
2 videoclips (TV commercials)
by Anni
by Christoph
statue from the townhall in Hamburg
by Bettina
Vienna 2004
by Roman
Venice 2003
by Alejandro

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