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This street poster is something you don't get to see every day. Not because it's a warning against drinking and driving (which it is), but more because of the (very European) Grim Reaper in a taiwanese context. The foto was taken by Marc R. who thankfully also provided a translation of the text. It reads: "Wail! It's again BOB who's driving the car!" and beneath that: "As long as you don't drink any alcohol, you may decide to drive BOB home. Take all people savely back home."
How on earth should I ever have learned the word for "Wail!" in Chinese if not for this poster?!




This statue by Elna Borch from the year 1905 or 1912 (I couldn't make out the date on the postcard) is to be found at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen, Denmark. Thanks to Fj. Schröder for sending me the picture on the right.

  A picture of and by Andreas René on the occasion of Halloween 2006.

  This beautiful flying skeleton (which appears to be a mixture of Kronos and Death) is situated in Saint Peter's cathedral in Rome, the photo is taken by Julia.

  This beautiful statue is not, as one might assume, an image of the Grim Reaper, but it is a Pietá by the sculpturer Anna Chromy. Again, don't ask me what this motive has in common with the traditional picturing of Maria holding her dead son Jesus in her arms. I think it's very beautiful nevertheless. This statue is to be found on the Domplatz in Salzburg, but there's more than one: other duplicates of the Pietà are in Prague and in Pietrasanta. Visit the artist's website (in English). Thanks to Josef S. for the picture!

  A great picture taken by Anni on an exhibition in Graz (Styria). Don't ask me though what kind of exhibition that was!

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Another TV-commercial - click on the image to download.


This little item was in one of the Kinder cholocate eggs


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a US- and a UK-TV-commercial, featuring yours truly


The "Krampus" is a local Austrian/southern German demon (sort of), who accompanies St.Nikolas and punishes the naughty children; we give out little chocolate Krampusses on Dec 5th each year



This is a sculpture on the portal of the townhall of Hamburg


A human sculputure on a main street in Vienna; if you put coins in their boxes, they move.

Art on the Biennale in Venice 2003

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