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Whenever I have too much time on my hands (or so it seems) I start a contest or let myself get talked into starting one.
The prizes for such contests are always original drawings by me. The winners may usually pick any motive of their choice.

Identify-the-movie quotation contest

This was a guessing game for cineasts. It was an act of innocent carelessness, in fact, because I dared my readers to identify a quotation from "Manhattan" by Woody Allen, not realising that the exact phrase would be googleable! As a result, I had to draw quite a lot of pictures.

click on the thumbnails to view a larger version of the pictures

D&M fanart contest

It took place on a Manga fansite, so naturally there weren't a lot of people eager to draw fanart from MY comic. One of my readers (and the translator of the NINA-Cartoons into English language), epzilon feenix, surveyed the whole process. All I had to do was pick the winners in the end.
This was still a difficult task, because they were all clevery and well drawn. Since I couldn't decide whether I should go more for artistic talent or for knowledge of the plot context, I decided to announce two winners, one for each category.

The coloured picture is by the contestant, the b/w-pic next to it is the one I drew as a prize.

winner in the category "context":
winner in the category "art":

Screen saver contest

The task was to program a Death&Maiden-screen saver. Since there were only two entries, both of them won. Namely, the winners are currus parvus and Bernd H. You'll find the files free for download here!

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