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Why Spider-Man?


I don't suppose that being a declared reader of super hero comics poses any problems in the U.S.A. but as for other, esp. European countries I am not so sure. For some reason, super hero comics are regarded as worthless trash around here. This may be because there are many middle or low class comic books dealing with super heroes. In any way - compared to Sailor Moon or Pokémon I can only hope and pray that super heroes will come back in style and wash that lowlowlow-trash away! (and, oh boy!, are those Sailer-Moon-Freaks gonna hate me now! But, to be honest, I own a few books of that, too!).

But then again - why Spider-Man?
I had to see the latest Movie to find out how great the story by Stan Lee really is. Having had a preference for losers, geek-heroes and the like all along, it was high time that I ran into Mr. Peter Parker aka Spider-Man! I like him for being a non-hero, not even an anti-hero, but more in between shining star and (suspected) bad guy. He never gets the honour he deserves, not to speak of fame, respect or money. On the other hand, he's a funny hero (biggest difference to Batman), not only because he's finishing off his enemies as much with his fists as he does it with his loud-mouthed blathering, but also because he faces those problems other heroes never seem to have to think about, like mending his ripped costume after a fight.
Plus, even in the original stories by Stan Lee there are some political statements that seem pretty remarkable to me regarding the fact that he wrote them in the late Sixties (as for racial discrimination or the madness of the Vietnamese War) - but we also have that in many of his other comics like X-Men.

I could write endlessly about that subject, about how and why to become a Spidey fan, but I suppose it wouldn't make much sense since no-one of the few who got here by accident will be interested.

Finally - some FANART!!

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