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If you look in the clowns face for some time, you may notice a change in his expressionWelcome to my little private gallery.
This is just a little excerpt of my work. By no means it shows the full spectrum of what I've done over the years, but the major part of that is neglectable anyway. Since I do turn my attention to Comics and not so much on single art pictures, the gallery will eventually never grow to an extraordinary size.

If you only know my Comic art work so far, be warned. Some of the following motives may NOT come to your expectations or taste. I do, however, assure you that no animal or other creature was harmed in the process.

Speaking of my work, I do not entirely understand it as art. I always wanted much more to be a storyteller rather than an artist. That is also why I rarely do real 'pictures', I just can't put all the message in one single frame. Therefore, my artwork may rather be seen as finger exercises, playing around with styles and material.


Early works:
I once laboured under the delusion that I should become an academical artist. You may evaluate yourself that these works were not sufficient to enter any art college. Well, I do hope that my abilities have increased at least a little. (all right, I am NOT that ashamed of them or else I wouldn't show them around, would I? But I do recognize that real art means something different!)

"Self portrait", ink/pencil/blood/gouache 1993
Untitled, aquarell/blood/gouache 1993
"Man, sitting on a sugar cube....", ink/pastel chalk 1993
"Scream", pencil sketch 1993


Newer stuff:

Pictures that originated after I started to work as a professional cartoonist/illustrator.

"Beware!", ink drawing 1997
"Bundy", ink drawing 1997
"Holofernes & John the Baptist chit-chatting", ink-pencil drawing 2001
"Male model", ink/blood 2001
"Nightmare", ink sketch 2001

Notice: Almost 2 1/2 years after I started this website, I think it's time to sum up the influences of the past and see what remains.
I have to state that the whole bloody period seems to have reached its end. I finally feel having grown out of it. Or have my obsessions just located themselves in another area of my subconscious - I don't know. All I know is that I don't feel like corpses and blood and superficial provocation anymore.
I can hardly show any proof of further development, since I didn't produce any pictures for the last 2 years! No time besides cartooning and earning money, I'm afraid. But one can estimate it by looking at pictures like "Nightmare" or the two sketches below. No splatter. No blood. Just moods. If I ever find the energy to continue this work... <28/08/03>


Moody sketches:

Those are drawn with a purpose, namely to illustrate a very sinistre comic I am carrying in my mind for years. I have to be in the right mood to do those and I hope that they will reach the viewer with a certain impression. More to come, surely more to come...

"Clown", ink-pencil drawing 2001
"Attic", ink-pencil drawing 2001

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