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My main comic series Death and the Maiden is featured in a seperate section. As for my other works, you may get a glimpse at it here:
  • My first published work was a cartoon in an Austrian women's magazine. I had pretty much freedom with the plot, the only requirement I had to fulfill: it had to be about a female main character and picture 'typical' women's subjects. So, I invented NINA, who now after "Sex and the City" and other TV shows of that sort doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary. Yet, back in 1997, when I started, it was more or less something new.
    I never translated the series myself, but two of my readers did so and posted it in my forum.
  • If you're not afraid of a comic with German text, you might take a look at FATMAN. I assure you, it's not as simple a spoof as the title makes you think - it's more or less a quote within a quote and a bit of sarcasm towards artistic inspiration (or whatever some people mistake for it). I actually wanted to translate it, but I guess I might as well give up on the project. I simply don't have the time. Again, when I drew this, the world was not yet as full of Superhero-spoofs as it is now, because the internet as we know it today didn't exist yet.
  • The first thing I ever did was actually fanfiction/art, based on the TV-cartoon show Beetlejuice. Find some more information about it here.
  • One more little piece of fanart, this time picturing Spider-Man.
Originally, I wanted to show more things here, translate more of my work. Yet, the interest of non-German speaking visitors of this website doesn't seem to be overwhelming - so I have to admit, it's not really worth the effort. Especially now, since I am rather busy with my webshop and the whole Death and Maiden-business.
However, if you're interested, don't hesitate to write me. I am and always will be interested in getting feedback!

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