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My early works...

The-ghost-with-the-most... were dedicated to an undead guy with bad manners, strong body odour, green teeth and a culinary preference for beetles whereby the latter attribute was the source of his naming.

Originally, Beetlejuice was a motion picture from 1988, directed by Tim Burton. As usual, it was followed by a TV-cartoon series, yet this one distinguished itself (to my opinion) by its independence from the movie as well as by its unique character designs, which were based on sketches by Tim Burton himself (he being a studied artist).

I was struck by the movie, but the cartoon really did it for me. Yes, I admit it - this character has some great sex appeal, and frankly I wouldn't be doing comics at all if it wasn't for the erotic aspect as well. Cartooning is a very sensual matter!

From 1993 to 1995 I drew 5 whole comics, 40 pages apiece. However, the character is under copyright, I did neither invent it nor is there any way of profiting from it (which means, I don't dare to publish the comics on my own website). I did some pictures for a friend who is running a fanpage for Beetlejuice. In case you are interested you can take a look at them here.
Every now and then a couple of pages will be added, I will see to it to be completed soon. Still, I have to fill in the whole english text, so please be patient. In case you want to be kept informed of updates, just subscribe to the official mailing list under XxTigerLover77xX@aol.com.

It was good practise, though, and I wouldn't want to miss the experience.


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